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Bath Employment Law Client Examples

Here are 3 clients who are typical of those who have selected us to advise them on employment law:

Nigel –The HR Consultant

Nigel set up his own HR consultancy, after many years working as an HR manager for various organisations. Most of his clients are owner‐managed businesses. Although expert in day-to-day HR issues, Nigel sometimes requires help from a solicitor, particularly with drafting settlement agreements or representing his clients with tribunal claims. He has worked with bigger law firms than Bath Employment Law but he feels he is fobbed off with an inferior service from the bigger firms who are not interested in the smaller clients he represents. Nigel chose Bath Employment Law because it gives him a responsive, personal service. Nigel requires pragmatic, good value advice from someone he can trust with his clients' reputation.

Andrea – The HR Manager

Andrea works for a manufacturing company based in Chippenham, which is growing rapidly. Her company employs about 140 employees, spread between the sales team, the factory and warehouse. Andrea looks after everything from recruitment, pay and reward, and performance management, as well as dealing with disciplinary issues and grievances. From time to time, Andrea needs to access specialist legal advice. Andrea had been using a call centre as the company's external adviser on employment law but felt that it made no effort to understand her company and sat on the fence on difficult issues. Andrea chose Bath Employment Law after it was recommended to her because of its straightforward, solutions-focussed approach to requests for advice.

Geoff – The Entrepreneur

Geoff owns a chain of small hotels. He does not think he has many HR problems but admits that he relies on his employees' goodwill to avoid disputes and he has no idea whether he is fulfilling his legal obligations or not. He does not want to employ an HR manager but he does need professionally prepared employment contracts, policies, and access to advice on day-to-day matters. He chose Bath Employment Law because he was impressed with the virtual HR service it offers to small businesses like his for a low fixed fee.

What do our clients have in common?

  • They all need access to expert legal advice, whether it is day-to-day support or specialist services
  • They value a relationship with someone they can trust
  • They mistrust the larger firms or call centres which lack commitment to building a relationship or are simply too corporate
  • They want to be alerted to changes in employment law that will inform their policies and practice